Guillotine GN400

Frozen meat cutting machine in pieces
  •  The entire construction is made from stainless steel.
  •  LAKIDIS GUILLOTINE type GN400 is ideal for small sausage and hamburger production companies.
  •  It cuts standard frozen block of meat into smaller pieces, approximately fist size. The end product is ideal for usage in Grinder or Bowl Chopper.
  •  It is a machine that offers clean cut of product and doesn’t leave residues of meat. It consists of a 3 knives head and it provides the ability to load the block of meat to be cut with the help of a platform. A pusher holds the blocks of meat tight so irregular shapes can be cut too.
  • The knives are hydraulic operated and the platform is pneumatic operated. The user is protected with the following:

If the platform to load blocks of meat is down, then the knives do not start movement;

If a cover of the machine opens, then the knives are immediately pulled upwards;

If there is no 200lit bin underneath the machine, does not work.

Technical data:
Working Volume (kg/h) 900 - 1500
Temperature of Meat   -15°С до – 18°С
Motor (Kw)       2.2