INTRAMA – with care for the nature for a better future

In the production of labels, INTRAMA uses paper, which has been acquired from forests, in compliance with the Forest certification system FSC. 

INTRAMA unconditionally supports the fight against deforestation and contributes to the world’s forest protection and sustainable development. Therefore, we use paper from FSC-certified wood in the production of our labels. This is a global standard that ensures responsible forest management around the world.  

The System for forest certification FSC has been established by a Forest Stewardship Council. It is the first world, independent, labelling system for forest products. FSC guarantees the balance between ecological, social and economic interests. The system aims to provide and promote cost-effective forest management with respect to the social standards and the rights of the local population while protecting the environment at the same time.  


FSC ensures the protection of:

-          drinking water zones and river flows

-          vulnerable and endangered species and ecosystems

-          the culture and the livelihood of the local population

-          the rights of the forestry workers


FSC does not allow:

-          the use of hazardous pesticides

-          the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the forests

-          the transformation of natural forests into forest crops 

-          the reduction of forest area (e.g. clearing a forest to build the place up or make a ski run) 


The FSC Certification is applied in 80 countries across 5 continents.


INTRAMA appeals to all its customers and partners to use certified wood products in their production. This way, all together, we shall contribute to reducing the destruction of world forest.